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The Ignatz Mouse Site Map

The architecture of documents in this site is quite simple, but it is always easier to have an overview of how it is organized.

The index page. This page feature the main menu, an access to the main pages of the site.
The Mouse Introduction. A quick introduction to the comic "Krazy Kat".
July 21, 1918. A sunday page.
June 03, 1918. A sunday page.
The Mouse Natural Habitat: Jail. A brief description of the evolution of the strip through the ages.
Dailies From the Twenties. A few strips collected from the twenties.
The Forum. A forum, set up to open discussions from and for everyone. Come and interact and ask questions.
The bibliography of George Herriman. This page references all the books I know talking or reprinting the comic.
Krazy + Ignatz : The Komplete Kat Komics. A serie of books reprinting the sundays Ignatz Mouse strips.
Krazy Kat, Grosset&Dunlap. A book reprinting a lot of "Krazy Kat" strips.
Krazy Kat, the comic art of George Herriman. Another book presenting "Krazy Kat".
Coconino Chronicle. The official newspaper of the Coconino County !!!
America's Great Comic-Strip Artists. Richard Marschall helps us discovering the major artists of the first half of the 20th century in the US. A must read !
Krazy Kat, a novel in five panels by Cantor Jay. See this amazing novel, with a great introduction reproduced.
Krazy Kat by DELL COMICS. A comic featured by DELL Comics, not by George Herriman. A page reproduced to taste the feeling...
The biography of George Herriman. See this page to discover who was George Herriman, and his comic-strips over the ages.
Tad's article. An amazing article presenting George Herriman.
The Mouse Links. See these amazing websites featuring Ignatz Mouse, and a bit more...
Technical informations about this site. Requirements, Hosting, Domain names registration, HTML,...
The Mouse Site Map. You're actually looking at this page...