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The Mouse Bibliography

My goal, while writing this page is to try to build a complete list of reprints of the famous comic-strip fraturing Ignatz Mouse.
Ok, this list may be not complete or a bit erroneous, so if you have any suggestions or comments or if you found any mistake, please mention it in the Krazy Kat Forum.
Usage: When you see a small picture close to a book title, it's the cover. Click on it to see more material from the book.

Should we say alleluia ? The "Krazy and Ignatz" reprints are not dead !

Krazy & Ignatz: The Komplete Kat Komics (The Eclipse Books / Turtle Island Foundation)

This reprints starts with the begginning of the Sunday Pages, in 1916. It was never completed. Each issue featured a year's Sunday strips, an essay or two and, in later issues, some dailies, color comics, and Krazy trivia.
More... Vol 1 : 1916 - Krazy + Ignatz
Hardcover : ISBN 0-913035-49-1 Paperback : ISBN 0-913035-48-3
More... Vol 2 : 1917 - Other-Side to the Shore of Here
ISBN 0-913035-75-0
More... Vol 3 : 1918 - Limbo of Useless Unconsciousness
ISBN 0-913035-77-7
Vol 4 : 1919 - Howling Among the Halls of Night
ISBN 0-913035-93-7
More... Vol 5 : 1920 - Pilgrims on the Road to Nowhere
Hardcover : ISBN 1-56060-023-3 Paperback : ISBN 1-56060-024-1
More... Vol 6 : 1921 - Sure as Moons is Cheeses
Paperback : ISBN 0-56060-34-9 Hardcover : ISBN 0-56060-33-0
More... Vol 7 : 1922 - Katnip Kantata in the Key of K
Paperback : ISBN 0-56060-064-0 Paperback : ISBN 0-56060-063-2
More... Vol 8 : 1923 - Inna Yott on the Muddy Geranium
Paperback : ISBN 0-56060-066-7 Cloth : ISBN 0-56060-065-9
Vol 9 : 1924 - Shed a Soft Mongolian Tear
ISBN 1-56060-103-5
it appears that this book has also been published under the ISBN 0-913666-51-3 in association with the Netzahaulcoyotl Historical Society
Vol 10 : 1924 - Honeysuckil Love is Doubly Swit
I don't know if this book was ever printed...
Vol 11 : 1925 - At Moonrise by the Old Smoke Tree
ISBN 1-56060-071-3
I don't know if this book was ever printed...

Krazy and Ignatz (Fantagraphics Books)

This serie seems to be ... the continuation of the one above ! This reprint does not follow exactly the original since we can find 2 years of reprints in each volume.
Since the first volume reprints 1925-1926, it seems that the vol.11 of the previous reprints has never been published and the vol.10 has been published.
Soon More... Vol 1 1925-1926: There is a Heppy Land Furfur A-waay
ISBN 1560973862 (April 2002)
Soon More... Vol 2 1927-1928: Love Letters in Ancient Brick
ISBN 1560975075 (November 2002)

Komplete Kolor Krazy Kat (Remco Worldservice Books)

These reprints starts reproducing the comic-strip since 1935, when George Herriman switched to a colored version of Ignatz Mouse. Edited by Richard Marschall. It was never completed.
  • Vol 1 : 1935 - 1936
    ISBN 0-924359-06-4
  • Vol 2 : 1936 - 1937
    ISBN 0-924359-07-2
  • Vol 3 : 1938 - 1939
    ISBN 0-924359-08-0
    I don't know if this book was ever printed...

Family Upstairs: Introducing Krazy Kat (Hyperion Press, Incorporated)

More... ISBN 0-88355-643-X
Here is another small section, a list of the books dedicated to Krazy Kat & George Herriman.


More...    Authors : Patrick McDonnell, Karen O'Connell, Georgia Riley de Havenon.
Almost the only book that is not out of print !! Go get it !! Very nice work, to discover this amazing comic-strip...
More than 100 pages of Sundays reprinted and 19 pages of dailies (76 days), some colors.
ISBN 0-8109-1211-2 (ISBN 0-8109-2313-0 pbk., Abradale ISBN 0-8109-8152-1)

George Herriman's Krazy Kat (Grosset & Dunlap 1977)

More...    Reprints nice selection of strips including many dailies unavailable elsewhere, small color section too.

COCONINO CHRONICLE (Morning Star Publications, 1988)

More...    This is not exactly a book, but a newspaper reprinted in 1988, which reprints more than 130 strips from 1927 and 1928.

AMERICA'S GREAT COMIC-STRIPS ARTISTS (A Roundtable Press Book 1997, Originally published in 1989 by Abbeville Press Inc.)

More...    A fabulous book, a little bit like the first one in this section, excepted that it doen't talk exclusively about George Herriman, but about 16 great artists.
ISBN 1-55672-646-4
I couldn't close this page without talking about some other works, not by george Herriman, but related to his creation.

"Krazy Kat" (released from 1953 to 1956 by DELL Comics)

More...    Well, as Peter Campbell says, "a comic that looks much more like Tom + Jerry than Krazy + Ignatz". I must agree. Don't buy it if you're looking for Herriman's material.


More...    Written by Cantor Jay. I'll write a review as soon a I've read it !
ISBN 0-394-55025-0

Partial reproduction of the January 25, 1942 Sunday page


So, none of the reprints started were finished, and none intended to reprint the entire production of Mr. Herriman.
So don't hope too much, less than a third of the years "Krazy Kat" was running is actually reprinted, and in these reprints, less than 50% of the strips are reproduced.
So 1/6th of Krazy Kat has been reprinted, and these reprints are actually... out of print !


As all the informations on this page are mainly gathered from various websites, here they are, with many thanks.

rec.arts.comics.strips: Titles of Comics Collections
Krazy Kat: The Coconino County Home Page
Lines on paper / ARTISTS
A special thank to Patrick McDonnell, Karen O'Connell & Georgia Riley de Havenon for their amazing book.