This newspaper is apparently dedicated to the arrival of Ignatz Mouse in Great Britain.
It reproduces 130 strips of Krazy Kat, dated from 1927 & 1928. Some articles describes life in the Coconino County as well as Herriman himself.

I don't really know if there was other issues of this "newspaper", but this one is pretty interesting.
Articles :
  • KRAZY KAT ARRIVES IN BRITAIN. Describes Krazy Kat's arrival in britain, after his balloon flight.
  • INSIDE THIS ISSUE, the table of contents.
  • HERRIMAN TREASURES DISCOVERED. Explain how the strips published in this issue were found.
  • MORNING STAR SIGHTED OVER COCONINO, tells the story of the Morning Star Publications presence over the Coconino County.
  • INTRODUCTION - A CHRONICLE OF COCONINO FOLK, page 2 by Alec Finlay. Dissert about the similarities as well as the influence between the Coconino County and our real world.

One of the strips reproduced in this issue