w w w . i g n a t z m o u s e . n e t

To my knowledge, the only website dedicated to Ignatz Mouse.

A ma connaissance, le seul site consacré à Ignatz Mouse.

- The WebSite -
The website is about Ignatz Mouse, a character of the famous comic strip Krazy Kat, by George Herriman. Incidentally, it is also about Krazy Kat. You will find all of the habitual stuff: A few descriptive pages, bio, bibliography, links, pics, etc...

- The Archives -
Already a bunch of strips reproduced - and it's only the begginning. Only stuff before 1921 though, as copyright extensions have virtually left public domain stalled for a long time

The Forum
In there you can ask people for advices, buy or sell books, or just share your enthusiasm.